Morning Breath

Morning breath is a form of halitosis. Almost everyone has woken up to their mouth tasting sour. To best help fight against morning breath, it’s important to know more about what might cause halitosis for you. Our dentist, Dr. Sara Sheikh, understands the common causes of halitosis. Furthermore, our team... Read more »

Take Control of your Oral Health

You don’t always have complete control over your health. Genetics play a big role in the cards you’re dealt, and you have to learn to work with that. However, one aspect of your health you can control is your oral health. A few extreme examples aside, you’re able to control... Read more »

A Badly Fractured Tooth May Need a Dental Crown Restoration

Sometimes something as seemingly simple as grinding your teeth at night or crunching down on a piece of ice can exert such force on a tooth’s biting surface that it fractures the tooth enamel. In many of these cases the individual experiences immediate discomfort and sensitivity. A simple dental filling... Read more »

The Threat of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a serious threat to your smile. Thanks to your dental checkups with our dentist, Dr. Sara Sheikh at Kennebunk Center for Dentistry in Kennebunk, Maine, you can be screened for oral cancer every six months as part of your dental checkup. Over 42,000 Americans will be diagnosed... Read more »

Professional In-Office Whitening Facts

Professional in-office teeth whitening is a successful, effective treatment that our dentist, Dr. Sara Sheikh, is proud to offer at Kennebunk Center for Dentistry. This treatment can help many patients, including you, achieve the smile of their dreams. To help you know more about this treatment, our dentist is happy... Read more »

Do You Have Frequent Jaw Pain? You May Also Have a TMJ Disorder

Did you know that the ball and socket joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull are called your temporomandibular joints? They allow you to move your mouth around for a variety of purposes, such as speaking clearly and chewing food to digest it better. Chronic jaw pain can... Read more »

Enjoy Same-Day Dentistry With CEREC Technology

Do you wish you could receive same-day dentistry for a damaged or unflattering tooth? Thanks to CEREC technology, your wish for same-day dental care can now be a reality! There are many benefits of CEREC technology, which is a system that provides custom-made dental restorations in just one visit to... Read more »

Bad Breath? Here Are Some Common Causes

Bad breath, also called halitosis, afflicts up to 50% of adults at some point. There are multiple probable causes for halitosis, which range from the mild to the serious. Before jumping to more serious conclusions, however, consider these common causes of bad breath:   Bacteria: One of the most common... Read more »

A Toothache Could Be Caused by an Accidental Blow to the Mouth

Sometimes a sports injury or household fall can impact the mouth causing significant trauma to teeth, gums, and other oral tissues. Even if you don’t notice any overt damage to a tooth’s enamel layer, you might still experience significant pain in the root or core structures of the tooth. This... Read more »

How Dental Cleanings Benefit Your Overall Health

You can prevent significant oral and general health problems by visiting the dentist every six months for dental cleanings. Heart disease, stroke, and oral cancer can all be prevented when you protect your oral and general health with dental cleanings. Highly preventable oral health diseases are still very common because... Read more »