Patients with special needs often need sedation dentistry in order to be comfortable during their appointments and receive the care they need to maintain a healthy smile. Finding access to dental care for patients with special needs has long been a problem in our area, particularly if IV sedation is required. At Kennebunk Center for Dentistry, we offer the same high level of care and treatment to all of our patients, and we adapt to provide our services to fit the needs of our special patients. We invite you to contact us at 207-985-7944 to learn more about sedation dentistry for patients with special needs in Kennebunk, Maine, and to schedule an appointment with our dentists.

When we started offering IV sedation to dental patients with special needs, it felt like a natural extension to what we believe—that trust and relationship matter and that people should be treated with warmth and respect, be listened to and well-cared-for, and have knowledgeable control over their decisions for dental health. The experiences and successes we’ve had in caring for “special patients” have been heart-warming and very fulfilling for all of us.

We start by spending time getting to know each patient so that they are cared for in a way that’s individual to their particular personality and needs. As we discover ways to help, we’ll discuss any options for their care and treatment with you, as the responsible family member or guardian. If special patients are referred to us from another dental practice, it’s still important that we have this time to learn about each other before the sedation appointment.

Patient safety is always our top priority, so special patients with more severe restrictions or multiple medical problems are always evaluated by one of our anesthesiologists prior to acceptance for care. This may require a separate appointment, and we will work to make this as convenient as possible for you and the patient.

Because we’re a multi-specialty practice, dental patients with special needs can have comprehensive care with a full complement of services to restore and maintain oral health. One sedation appointment can allow for care from two or three providers (restorative dentists, specialists, and hygienists) depending on the treatment needed and the time involved. During each IV sedation appointment, the board-certified anesthesiologist administers sedation medications, monitors vital signs, and maintains patient comfort and safety throughout. As the family member or caregiver, you can generally stay with the patient up to the time of sedation, and then we’ll ask you to return later as your loved one “wakes up”.

For more information about sedation and dental care for patients with special needs, please contact our office. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you schedule your appointment.