At Kennebunk Center for Dentistry, our philosophy is simple: we believe in treating patients as we would treat our own family. This means delivering care that is evidence-based and fully personalized. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our team, led by Dr. Sara Sheikh, is committed to educating patients about the prevention, diagnosis and management of oral conditions. We use tell-show-do methods, written materials, videos and more to help each patient understand the importance of maintaining oral health.

In addition to providing crucial education tools and comprehensive treatment, we believe in respecting all individuals equally, regardless of political views, religion, age, sex, orientation or color. Our team will guide you through any financing questions in a transparent, understanding and stress-free manner, always mindful of maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.

Serving Community
KCD has been a part of the Kennebunk community for over 25 years. So in addition to providing excellent dental care to our patients, we strive to buttress our community by promoting business-to-business relationships, sponsoring events, lecturing on oral health and wellbeing, and aligning ourselves with environmental health causes in the area. Please visit the Press section of our website to see KCD participate in community events!