Our Kennebunk Center for Dentistry dentist, Dr. Sara Sheikh, is highly educated and experienced, and her team goes above and beyond in their training and treatment. We also work with a variety of specialists to ensure that each patient receives honest and personalized care in every visit. We maintain a state-of-the-art practice, utilizing the latest dental technology to give you a more beautiful smile. Contact us today at 207-985-7944 to schedule your appointment and learn why you can trust Kennebunk Center for Dentistry when you are choosing a cosmetic dentist in Kennebunk, Maine.

When looking for a cosmetic dentist, it is important that you find a dentist that you feel comfortable with. After all, they are the one who is going to be transforming your smile. There are many different things to keep in mind when choosing a cosmetic dentist, and it can be intimidating when you have a dozen or more to choose from. At our practice, we want to ensure that you are comfortable not only with your treatments but with our dentist and team. To help make finding a cosmetic dentist a little easier for you, here are 5 important things to look for:

  1. Dentist Training: Every dentist has to attend and graduate from dental school. However, not all dentists go above and beyond in their training. You have the right to know where your dentist received their education and what training they received that is specific to cosmetic dentistry. Post-graduate training is often a key sign that your dentist cares about giving you the best possible treatment. Read more about our team on our Meet the Doctors page.
  2. Experience: Receiving an education in cosmetic dentistry is one thing, but having real-world experience is another. Ask how long your dentist has been practicing in general, as well as how long they have been practicing cosmetic treatments. For dentists that have not been practicing very long, they may have received experience through post-graduate training, residency programs, or in other ways. It is okay to ask your dentist what kind of experience they have received.
  3. Treatment Options: Most cosmetic problems can be treated in several ways. Be sure that your dentist provides you with many different treatment options, and that he or she explains the benefits and downsides to each one. This will give you a truly personalized transformation, and it will help you feel more comfortable knowing that you are receiving the treatment that you feel is best for your smile.
  4. Technology: Dental technology has been advancing greatly over the years, and it plays a big role in cosmetic dentistry. With state-of-the-art equipment, your dentist can create more accurate and exact restorations that fit your unique smile. Technology also makes your treatment safer and quicker. Be sure to select a dentist that stays up-to-date with the latest dental technology.
  5. Client Service: Even if your dentist is the most experienced, most educated, most technologically advanced dentist in the area, it is important that you still feel comfortable enough to have them working on your smile. When looking for a cosmetic dentist, be sure that you feel welcomed and at ease right from the get-go.

At our practice, you can trust our dentist and team to provide you with friendly, genuine and professional cosmetic dentistry. Our goal is to have you loving your smile. To learn more about why our practice is a good fit for you, please contact us today to set up a meeting with our dentist.