Just like people have different skin tones, the color of the gums varies from person to person. If you have unusually dark gums, our periodontist can provide you with gum pigmentation removal to restore them to a healthy, pink color and improve your appearance. For more information about gum pigmentation removal in Kennebunk, Maine, and to make an appointment with Dr. Samuel Koo, call Kennebunk Center for Dentistry today at 207-985-7944.

There are several reasons why your gum pigmentation may darken, including:

  • Melanin. This is the pigment responsible for skin color, and is produced by the gums as well as the skin. Increased melanin means a darker pigmentation for your gums.
  • In response to irritation. When your gums are irritated by something, such as cigarette smoke or small pieces of metal or amalgam fillings, they produce extra pigment and become darker.
  • Medical conditions or prescribed medication. For example, some endocrine disorders as well as some antibiotics and antimalarial medications cause dark spots to develop in the gums.

Our periodontist provides gum depigmentation to lighten the color of your gums. This procedure is also sometimes referred to as “gum bleaching.” During this treatment, the top layer of cells on the gum are destroyed, including the pigment, which leaves behind pinker and healthier looking gums.

We invite you to contact our office to schedule your consultation with our periodontist and find out if you are a candidate for gum pigmentation removal. We look forward to helping you achieve a more beautiful smile!