Fact Finder: Oral Hygiene

There are countless ways to improve your oral health. Everything including lifestyle changes, effective accident prevention plans, eating healthy, and even cleaning your teeth and gums are all known to improve your smile in one way or another. You can improve your oral health by getting rid of any unhealthy habits that may be in your life. This includes using... read more »

Protect Your Smile During the Cold and Flu Season

If you wish to protect yourself as best as possible while you're sick, don't forget to care for your teeth and gums. When you are sick, illnesses often present themselves first in your mouth. Prevent or treat ailments such as the cold and flu by keeping your mouth clean at all times. Even if you have a cold or the... read more »

How to Take Care of a Toothbrush

Sometimes as we brush, we get so used to it that it becomes mindless. At these times, it’s a good idea to brush up on your brushing habits to make sure your brushing is as effective as it needs to be. Toothbrushes that are dirty should no longer be used. This includes if you choose to share your toothbrush with... read more »