Fact Finder: Oral Hygiene

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There are countless ways to improve your oral health. Everything including lifestyle changes, effective accident prevention plans, eating healthy, and even cleaning your teeth and gums are all known to improve your smile in one way or another.

You can improve your oral health by getting rid of any unhealthy habits that may be in your life. This includes using drugs, chewing tobacco, or smoking tobacco, as well as wearing lip and tongue rings. Exercise caution with mouth jewelry that can easily chip and crack your teeth or lead to serious infections.

Oral accidents are somewhat rare, but you can take preventative measures to help protect your smile and lower your risk of them. If you are involved in any contact sports or other similar high-risk activities, always wear the proper safety equipment, including mouth guards, safety masks, and helmets.

Eating healthy can improve your oral health. This includes eliminating sugars from your diet and eating healthy foods that are high in enamel-building minerals such as calcium or phosphorus. Furthermore, look for ways to improve your diet by eliminating foods that are extremely acidic and have a low pH level.

As always, focus on effective cleaning treatments including brushing and flossing daily. Furthermore, it is important to clean your mouth after meals to prevent dental erosion that may arise. However, toothpaste may be too abrasive, so at this time consider alternative cleaning utensils such as mouthwash or sugarless gum.

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