Sara Sheikh, DMD

School of Dental Medicine, Boston University

Dr. Sheikh received her DMD from Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine and has continued education in implantology, prosthetics, restorative and laser dentistry, and digital CEREC dentistry. She is also part of the American Dental Association, Maine Dental Association, York County Dental Society and the American Academy of Oral Medicine. Prior to Kennebunk Center for Dentistry Dr. Sheikh practiced dentistry in Brunswick, Maine and Newport, Massachusetts as well as at Mountainside Hospital in New Jersey where she worked with in oral surgery and with special needs patients. Dr. Sara Sheikh is also a clinical assistant professor at University of New England’s College of Dental Medicine. Since January 2017 she has been striving to make Kennebunk Center for Dentistry a comprehensive, state-of-the-art facility that provides continuing education opportunities and where patients can receive dental care from a full scope of specialists.

Dr. Sheikh is married to Dr. Muhammad Ali Shazib, who is also her business partner and fellow dental school classmate. Her father is a specialist in information systems with extensive experience in data cataloging and library sciences. Her mother has been the principal of an overseas school for 20 years and is a superb cook. Dr. Sheikh has a twin sister who, along with her husband, is also a fellow classmate at Boston University. Dr. Sheikh is an absolute foodie. When she has spare time, she is either reading a food blog, watching the Food Network or Cooking Channel, or making something in the kitchen. She also enjoys being with her family and FaceTiming with her nephew.


Muhammad Ali Shazib, DMD

School of Dental Medicine, Boston University
Oral Medicine Resident – Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Dr. Shazib graduated with his DMD from Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine and is currently training to become an Oral Medicine specialist at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Dana Farber Cancer Institute. He is being trained in Oral Medicine, oral mucosal abnormalities, salivary gland disorders, TMJ disorder and facial pain, taste and smell disorders, and the recognition of the oral manifestations for systematic and infection diseases. Dr Shazib is also part of the American Dental Association, Maine Dental Association, York County Dental Society and the American Academy of Oral Medicine. He has experience as a research scientist  in a cellular and tissue engineering lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and has practiced general dentistry in Peabody, Massachusetts and Brunswick, Maine. He enjoys building long-lasting relationships with his patients, their families, and the community by engaging in local events and causes, and by educating others on oral cancer awareness and the mouth-body connection.  Dr. Shazib is also working with his team to ensure that each member emanates integrity, compassion, humility, open-mindedness, and progressiveness to better the lives of their patients and provide the most personable and hospitable environment possible.

Dr. Shazib has been surrounded by passionate medical professionals throughout his life. His wife, Dr. Sara Sheikh, is his business partner and fellow dental school classmate. His father is a physician-scientist and Professor of Medicine who focuses his research on cancer biology. His stepmother is French and is an Assistant Dean of Medicine who also focuses her research on cancer biology. Dr. Shazib’s mother is a homemaker, devoting her time to caring for dozens of horses, sheep, and Labradors who occupy the farmhouse. His stepfather is a commercial pilot who flies long-haul flights from New York to Pakistan. In his spare time, Dr. Shazib enjoys playing squash, going skiing, going on culinary tours, meeting new people, reaching out in the community, and participating in forums that discuss cultural integration. He also has a favorite English Premier League team: Chelsea FC.


Guilherme Bönecker Valverde, DMD, PhD

DMD – School of Dental Medicine, Tufts University
PhD in Clinical Prosthodontics – Material Sciences – State University of Campinas -UNICAMP- Piracicaba School of Dentistry

Dr. Valverde has spent several years gaining a highly advanced education in various dental fields, and he has received large amounts of expert experience. He received a Dental Degree (in 1997) and Master’s Degree in Oral Rehabilitation (in 2002) from State University of São Paulo, his DMD from Tuft University School of Dental Medicine, and a PhD in Clinical Prosthodontics from State University of Campinas – UNICAMP – Piracicaba School of Dentistry.  He attends national meetings on a regular basis, where he often takes courses to expand his knowledge and skills and is a member of the American Dental Association, Massachusetts Dental Society and the International Team for Implantology. Dr. Valverde stays up to date with the latest dental news by teaching, he has spent several years teaching about various aspects of dentistry, and as a faculty member at Tufts University, he has received two teaching awards, one in 2013 and another in 2016, for excellence in clinical teaching. In addition to his teaching career, Dr. Valverde has been practicing for 15 years.

Dr. Valverde is married to Livia Valverde, a periodontology DMSC resident at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. She has been a great partner and friend in Dr. Valverde’s journey of living and starting over in the USA. In his spare time, Dr. Valverde enjoys snowboarding, biking, running, and swimming.


Dr Brackett, Periodontist at Kennebunk Center for Dentistry Jeffrey Brackett, DMD

DMD – School of Dental Medicine, Tufts University

Dr.Brackett is a native of Scarborough and has been practicing in his home town for the last 26 years. He joins the Kennebunk Center for Dentistry team as our in-house periodontist. Dr Brackett earned his bachelor’s degree in Zoology at the University of Maine at Orono, and then he received his Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Following dental school, he was selected and completed a General Practice Residency at the very prestigious Long Island Jewish Medical Center. He then continued his education at the University of Nebraska, where he earned a certificate in Periodontology.

Dr Brackett participates in the Maine Donated Dental Services program and he has served as treasurer of the Maine Society of Periodontology for the last 21 years. He is also a member of the American Academy of Periodontology, American Dental Association, Maine Dental Association and the Greater Portland Dental Society.

When Dr. Brackett is not working, he enjoys walking on the beach, biking, hiking and traveling with his wife.