Whitening Gel vs. Whitening Strips

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Are you considering whitening your smile with whitening gel or whitening strips? If so, good for you. You’re on your way to a whiter and brighter smile! Little did you know, both of these treatments are very different, which means it’s best to do your research to see which treatment is right for you. Our dentist, Dr. Sara Sheikh, is happy to help you by telling you how these treatments are different and how they can help you.

Whitening gel is a professional treatment that you can use within the walls of your own home. It is provided by your dentist, and it involves using whitening gel and customized whitening trays to brighten your smile. To use the treatment, you fill the tray with the gel, place the tray on your arch of teeth, and then wait the recommended amount of time. Because this is a professional treatment, it will have the exact amount of peroxide you need to achieve your smile results. This treatment will help you reach the appearance you desire.

Whitening strips is an over-the-counter treatment that you can also use at home. Because this treatment is purchased at the store, it’s not customized for your specific smile goals. It will still brighten your smile, but it might not brighten it as much as you want it to. When using the treatment, all you need to do is remove the liner from the strip, place the gel side of the strip on the smile, and apply pressure with the fingers. After the recommended amount of time passes, you’ll remove the strip from your smile.

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