Morning Breath

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Morning breath is a form of halitosis. Almost everyone has woken up to their mouth tasting sour. To best help fight against morning breath, it’s important to know more about what might cause halitosis for you.

Our dentist, Dr. Sara Sheikh, understands the common causes of halitosis. Furthermore, our team members at Kennebunk Center for Dentistry in Kennebunk, Maine, are happy to shed more light on the subject for you.

Halitosis is typically caused by bacteria growing in your mouth. Not only can unwanted bacteria cause bad breath, but they can cause gum disease and other conditions in your mouth.

Dry mouth is also a major cause for halitosis. Saliva is necessary in your mouth because it helps break down and clean out some of those unwanted bacteria. When you sleep production of saliva naturally slows down, which is why so many people wake up with bad breath.

Once you wake up, make sure to brush your teeth and tongue to help clean your mouth of any of those bacteria. By spending at least two minutes cleaning your entire mouth, you should be able to help fix some of your bad morning breath.

If you consistently have bad breath and want help with eliminating it call us at 207-985-7944. Our team of passionate professionals looks forward to helping you.