How Dental Cleanings Benefit Your Overall Health

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You can prevent significant oral and general health problems by visiting the dentist every six months for dental cleanings. Heart disease, stroke, and oral cancer can all be prevented when you protect your oral and general health with dental cleanings.

Highly preventable oral health diseases are still very common because of the prevalence of poor health choices such as diet, inconsistent dental care, and tobacco use that also contribute to heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and cancer. Because of the relationship between oral and overall health, we encourage you to brush and floss daily at home and come see our dentist twice a year for dental cleanings.

Important steps in a dental cleaning include:

– Tartar removal from your gums and teeth, lessening the risk of gum disease and tooth decay

– Dental checkup to identify gum disease, cavities, or oral cancer

– Tooth polishing to help reduce stains caused by wine, tea, coffee, or tobacco

– Identification and treatment of any dental issues while they are still in the early stage

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